This project was made possible with the generous contribution of:

Advisory Board

  • Candice Lee, Supervisor, Publishing Program, Legal Services Society
  • Eduardo Aragon, Senior Fieldworker
  • Evelyn Neaman, M.A., Special Projects Manager, Law Courts Education Society of BC
  • Fenella Sung, Past President, Society of Translators and Interpreters of BC
  • Jiri Adler, Director, Language Services Department, MOSAIC
  • John Kula, Senior Policy Advisor, Court Services Branch, Ministry of Attorney General
  • Judge E.M. Burdett, The Honourable Judge Ellen Burdett Provincial Court of BC
  • Karin Reinhold
  • Kate Kimberly, Senior Policy Advisor, Court Services Branch, Ministry of Attorney General
  • Nina Karamehmedovic
  • Pedro de Couto, The Honourable Judge Pedro de Couto Provincial Court of BC
  • Silvana Carr
  • Tiffany Lee, Regional Coordinator, Law Courts Education Society
  • Trudy Dirk, former Executive Director, Kamloops Immigrant Services Society

Foreign Language Terminologists

  • Anna Aroutiounian, MA Linguistics Moscow State University
  • Dave Duhre, Certificate in Court Interpreting
  • Euge Kim, B.A., Certified Translator
  • Frank Nguyen, ex-Judge of Instruction, Provincial Court, Vietnam, ex-Deputy Chief Justice, Provincial Court, Vietnam
  • Hyun Lee, Certified Translator
  • Jinny Kim, Certified Translator
  • Juanita Miller, Certified Translator
  • Kyoung-wha Lyu, B.A., Certified Translator & Interpreter
  • Lang Sun, BA, B.Ed., MA, Program Director for Asia-Pacific Languages and Cultures at UBC Continuing Studies
  • Linda Chuan Yu, LLB, Honours, Certificate in Court Interpreting
  • Mohammad Zare, LLB, ex Judge, Iran, Member of Iranian Bar
  • Sally Lee, MSW, Court Interpretor/Translator
  • Surjeet Kalsey, M.F.A., M.Ed., Certified Translator, Certificate in Court Interpreting
  • Yolanda Hobrough, Certified Translator, Certified Court Interpreter, Instructor at VCC
  • Yong (robin) Kim, M.A., Certified Translator

Legal Reviewers

  • Alina Nikolaeva, M.Sc., LL.B.
  • Angela Chan, Barrister & Solicitor
  • Emma Andrews, LL.B.
  • Kathleen McIsaac, B.A. LL.B
  • Lena Sverdlova, MA, Certified Translator
  • Mike Nguyen, Juris Doctorate, Senior Prosecutor Attorney, Washington, Member of the American Bar Association
  • Ranjit Walia, LL.B.
  • Ravinder Dusanjh, Barrister & Solicitor
  • Sara Molavi, BS, Certificate in Court Interpreting
  • Tiffany C.H. Pang, LL.B.


  • Roda Roberts, Director and Chief Editor of the Bilingual Canadian Dictionary Project, University of Ottawa

Project/Program Management

  • Silvana Carr, BA, Ph.D.
  • Jane Jimison, ECCE Diploma, Multi-Cultural Settlement Certification
  • Nina Karamehmedovic, BA
  • Karin Reinhold, B.A., M.Ed., Certified Translator & Interpreter


  • Allen Soroka, BA, LLB, MLS, Adjunt Professor of Law & Librarian Emeritus UBC
  • Cheryl Stephens, BA, LLB, Plain Language Consultant
  • David Reed, BA, MA, Certified Court Interpreter
  • Shannon Guilbride, M.A. Honours, Certified Translator, Certified Court Interpreter
  • Yolanda Hobrough, Certified Translator, Certified Court Interpreter, Instructor at VCC


  • Sue Birtwell, B.Ed., MET


  • Ana Rosa Blue, M.L.S., Certificate in Healthcare and Court Interpreting
  • Lila Heilbrunn, MLS
  • Tene Barber

Website Development and Support

  • Jim Hamlin, BCIS, MBA, President, TallTech Systems Inc.
  • Lee Miller, BSc, TallTech Systems Inc.

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