In order to view the terms in Punjabi, you will require the Anmol font.

Please follow the instructions below to download and install:

  1. Start the download by clicking here.
  2. After clicking you receive a window for 'File download'.
  3. First tick (if it is not ticked) to save the file to disk.
  4. Click O.K. to save.
  5. Then you are provided an option window where to save.
  6. Choose the desired location: Say for example: Desktop or My document.
  7. Click save. The font is saved.
  8. Check 'Desktop' or 'My Document' (where you have saved) to make sure that these fonts are saved.
  9. Now open 'Setting', then 'Control panel' and then 'Fonts' (where you see a list of all the installed fonts).
  10. Click 'Fonts' then 'Files' and then click option: 'Install New Fonts.'
  11. 'Add Fonts' window pops up. Choose the location where you saved the font. For example C:/ (drive), then desktop or my document. It starts retrieving the font and finally it shows the list of retrieved fonts.
  12. Select all. These get highlighted.
  13. Click O.K.
  14. Punjabi font is now installed.